Frequently Asked Questions

 Wondering about something? Watch the video explainer or check our FAQs below! 

How does it work?

You have a fashion-related, question, request, or uncertainty about something and our stylist help you solve it. Easy as that. Are you looking for new outfit for work? Easy! Not sure if you should buy that great sweater? Ask! Especially in shopping-related trouble, our stylists are world class!

Do I have to buy something?

No, of course not! If you don't like the suggested items you don't have to buy them. You can also just ask our stylists for some fashion related advice.

Are the stylists real people?

Yes, there are real people answering your questions. Only the first message is automated, but this is just to give the stylists some more information while you wait.

Do I have to talk with a stylist?

No, if you don't feel like talking you can browse our feed and see the latest recommendations.

Why do they do this?

They love fashion, they love shopping, and they love helping people to look and feel better. And, of course, they get rewarded for their work.

And why do you do this?

We would love to help you eliminate doubts from your wardrobe. Change the way how you perceive yourself and help you find your best version of yourself through fashion. 

Will I get charged for the stylist's advice?

No! Our services are for free. You get charged only for the items you buy. However, you can tip your stylish if you want.

The stylist doesn't reply fast. Why?

Normally, our stylists will get to you in an average of 10 minutes. However, in some cases it might take longer, depending n the traffic. They are people after all. But don't worry, they will get back to you as soonn as they can!

I also love fashion, and I am great stylist. Is it possible to work for Looks?

Sure, drop us a messsage about yourself at and we'll get back to you.

How long should a session with a stylist be?

There is no time restriction but it should last one question/problem. It could take a minute to solve your question, but also hours. However, please, always open a new chat for a new request.

Why do I need a registration to talk to the stylist?

Because of spam - you hate it, we hate it, and so do our stylists. Registrations help eliminate empty requests and save our stylists' time.

Is Looks for women only?


I'm having issues with the app. Now what?

We are sorry if you are experiencing something like that. We would love if you could tell us what kind of issues are you having (or any other feedback in that matter). Send us an email at and we will do our best!

I don't like what I bought. Can I return the clothes?

Yes, if you don't like what you bought or if it doesn't fit you, you can return it for FREE! Just pack them up along with the filled return form (it will be sent to you with your order) and deliver them at PostNL. Once we get confirmation of the return package, we will provide you with a confirmation email and you will receive the purchase amount back. You will also find instructions about this process with your order.

I love Looks!

Well, thanks! *blushing* We will do our best to keep you happy. You can send your love to

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