Your Step-by-Step Guide
Here you'll find everything you need to know to give the best styling advice to your clients!

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1. Choose the best items
Now you know what your Looks client wants and needs. It's time to shop for him/her. Select one or more items from any of our retail partners. 

Note: In case the deeplinker asks you to specify a programme, always pick NL, eventually NL/BE. For example America Today requires this.
2. Make it traceable
Now you know what to suggest, before you do that, you need to make the link traceable back to you so we can track your sales properly. 
Go to the Looks Deeplinker, follow the instructions in the image and get a deeplink. 
Place the item URL here
Write your name here

Let's stay in touch

3. Recommend it
Now you have the deeplink and your sales will be easily traceable. Copy/paste the deeplink to the conversation with your client and voila! Let your styling magic do wonders!
IMPORTANT: Send the link in separate comment, not as a part of the text. This way you make sure we don't miss any of your links.
*Note: Should Zanox request you to choose a campaign, always choose for BE and/or NL campaigns. 
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4. Earn your reward
Any time your clients actually buy something you recommended (or even items that they found via the link you sent), you earn a sale %.
Aside of that, some users will also be asked to pay for your services. In this case, you also earn the sale %!
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